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Elizabeth Bathory Tepes only has one mission right now: To find the mother that gave her up at birth. This proves difficult as she does not know where to begin. Then she meets the PI. With his help, she begins to think that the mission could be a success until an enemy appears. Will Elizabeth be able to find her mother, or will obligations, insecurities, and love get in her way?

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What would you give up to gain your freedom?

Elizabeth Bathory Tepés (E.B.T) and her mother are reunited, but it isn't what she imagined. After convincing her mother to help her break the Blood Pact that she's formed with Anton, E.B.T travels to the lair of the Queen of the Realms, an all powerful being who guides and rules over all supernatural creatures. It is there that her mother and aunt tell her that she must assume the responsibility of the Queen of the Realms. In return, she will gain access to a magical stone that will set her free from the rules of the Blood Pact. But everything comes at a cost. And, sometimes, the price of blood is too high.

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Changed the title because Elizabeth Bath

Coming Spring 2020!

The Blood Book 3: The Bloodlands
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