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The Covenant of Blood
What do you get when you mix a blood pact, a lost love, and magical stones?

It's not easy being the daughter of the two most renowned serial killers in the world. Nobody knows that better than Elizabeth Bathory-Tepés, the daughter of Vlad the Impaler and The Blood Countess.


Abandoned by her mother at birth, and neglected by her father while growing up, Elizabeth will stop at nothing to get her family back together. But will it be worth the cost?

What would you do if someone granted your deepest desire for one tiny favor?

What would you give up to gain your freedom?

And, if it came down to it, who would you save: yourself, or a loved one?

Elizabeth Bathory-Tepés wants to find the mother that abandoned her. She wants to find her father's soul. And she wants to know about the blackouts that she's been having since childhood. 

But getting what you want comes at a cost. And, sometimes, the cost of blood is too high. 


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Travel To A World With Vampires, Witches, Fae,
and Much More!

Our main character.


She's a badass on a mission to find her mother, but that's just the beginning. 

When a blood pact goes wrong, she'll do anything she can to break it.

The PI

The love interest.

He refuses to get close to people and has a lot of secrets: including his real name. 

When those secrets are revealed, and decisions are made, everything will change.


The villain. 

He's a wanted man, but he doesn't give a damn, and for good reason. He's a hard man to find.

When he spots a chance to fulfill his dream, he's willing to pay it: in blood.


Pick this up ASAP. You will not be disappionted.

J.S. Living

From novels and novellas to comic books and short stories, J.S. Living uses her words to write about the human condition.

Her debut novel, The Covenant of Blood,  is about Elizabeth Bathory Tepes, the daughter of Vladimir Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory, and her mission to find her mother. It explores loneliness, growing up in a single-parent household, morality, nature vs. nurture, and the dilemma of wants vs. needs. 

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Join J.S. Living on an adventure into a supernatural world.

See what happens when obligations, insecurities, and love are mixed with a series of questionable decisions.

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