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About J.S. Living

 From novels and novellas to comic books and short stories, J.S. Living uses her words to write about the human condition.

Her debut novel, The Covenant of Blood,  is about Elizabeth Bathory Tepes, the daughter of Vladimir Tepes and Elizabeth Bathory, and her mission to find her mother. It explores loneliness, growing up in a single-parent household, morality, nature vs. nurture, and the dilemma of wants vs. needs. 

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Home Life

J.S. Living currently lives in Maryland. When she's not at work, she loves watching TV shows with supernatural elements--such as Grimm, Lost Girl, and Supernatural--and curling up with her cat while reading books by Patricia Briggs, Lynsay Sands, and J. Elle. She's also a huge fan of smart retellings of classic stories that spin outdone cliches and overly used tropes into magic.

Work Life

J.S. Living has held many jobs in her life. But, her most recent jobs have been:

Legal Writer-Technical Editor

Content Creator and Writer

Adjunct Professor

Degrees and Accolades

J.S. Living currently holds three degrees and a certificate. She has obtained the following:

A Legal Writing and Research Certificate from Valdosta University

A Master's of Fine Arts in Writing from the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD)

A Bachelor's of Art in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing from Augusta University

A Bachelor's of Art in Anthropology from Augusta University


 J.S. Living enjoys many activities, but her top five hobbies include:

Playing with her adorable cat

Binge watching anime and television

Reading all the things

Learning about the world around her

Eating, eating, and more eating

No upcoming events at the moment
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