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November Updates

Updated: Nov 8, 2022

What's up Bloodlings?

These monthly posts don't seem to be getting much traction, so I don't think I'll be making them after this year. In the future, I'll probably save updates for the newsletters instead, unless I have some huge announcement that I want to shout from the rooftops (praying that someone picks my novel up and gives it a really cool adaptation...just saying).

Anyways, this month started off with a bang because I had my launch party on Launch Day, which was (is?) November 1st. The rest of the month will be filled with calling bookstores and libraries to try to set up in-person events so that I can meet ya'll and sign some books. That's the part I'm really looking forward to.

Anyways, other than that, there's not much going on for November. I'm going to try to keep doing daily posts on Instagram, but honestly, that's a lot of work for someone with a full-time job, so we'll see how long I keep it up.

In other news, Thanksgiving is later this month, so I wanted to go ahead and tell ya'll what I'm grateful for: hint hint, it's that this book is finished and that several people actually purchased it! I'm also grateful for family, friends, my readers, having a roof over my head, so many things. But, my dream of being published by thirty came true, so it's definitely at the top of the list.

What about ya'll? What are you grateful for? Let me know in the comments. You can also use that section to let me know if there's anything specific that ya'll want to see in the upcoming year.

See ya on the flipside Bloodlings!

And don't forget to like, subscribe, and comment on this post to let me know what you're interested in hearing. I want to make sure I'm providing content that is valuable to you.

Thanks for your support!

--J.S. Living

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